Sarah Penfold, Noosa

I suffered from fungal toe nails for 10 years. I have tried absolutely every product, Lamisil oral tablets, Loceryl, Rejuvenail, Excilor… the list goes on. Nothing was effective, I spent 1000s of dollars and was about to consider laser therapy or just give up. My podiatrist told me to try Nail Revive and told me it was different to anything else I have used so far. I was sceptical but agreed. I used it everyday, once a day and after about 10-12 days I could see a change in colour or texture. My nails were softer and starting to become clearer. After 6 weeks, my damaged, thick, discoloured nails looked almost BRAND NEW! The podiatrist advised me to keep using the Nail Revive at lease for 3 months and I have and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

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