Nail Revive Reviews


Podiatrist Marco Mangano (As Seen on Today Tonight)

Marco Mangano

Nail fungus is a problem that affects 15% of the general population and more than half of the elderly. Nail Fungus not only has a negative cosmetic affect but it can also lead on going infections and even systemic infections if not treated. I found the Nail Revive to be the most successful treatment I have ever seen in my 15 years of being a podiatrist. I have seen about 100% resolution in all of my patients. I recommend it to all my patients suffering from nail fungus or other nail infections. All I can say is, it works!

Recovered like a Brand New Nail! 

Posted by Bruce Dunlop (as seen on Today Tonight)

The interesting thing with this discoloured nail I had was that it was never sore, it just looked ugly. After using Nail Revive, the whole thing was recovered like a brand new nail, basically I’m absolutely stunned myself how good it is.

Youthful Nails and Cuticles 

Posted by Elaine

So glad I discovered Nail Revive; this keeps my nails and cuticles beautifully moisturised.The normal process of ageing causes the nails to thicken and become drier, this product totally rejuvenates nails and cuticles!!! I won’t ever be without a tube!

Getting there

Posted by Lyn

Just on Nail Revive for about a week now. Very happy with it. Just one nail. I think it stemmed from becoming ingrown on both sides of the nail. I am sure this will work well.